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Lift and slide doors create a relaxed ambiance and render any room more spacious. Whether for a balcony, veranda or patio, you are just one turn of the handle away from creating a seamless indoor-outdoor transition – with no tripping hazards in the threshold area. Large steel armatures ensure maximum stability and enhanced levels of sustainability. The statically balanced structure ensures a particularly smooth movement of the sash and guarantees long-term functional reliability, as well as remarkable thermal and sound insulation.

Technical data

  • frame constructive depth: 172 mm
  • sash constructive depth: 76 mm
  • up to Ud= 0,77 W/(m²K) (with steel thermal separation)
  • size: 4,80 x 2,50 m
  • glazing: up to 48 mm
  • burglary resistance: up to RC 2

Advantageous by the fact that they do not obstruct the movement under them, these awnings are recommended to be used mainly in commercial areas, but also in residential areas. They can be used to shade the terraces, windows and showcases of street shops.

With a lifetime of more than 15 years, with a pleasant design, the use of the highest quality materials, while also providing protection against UV rays and rain, with extremely easy operation, from manual (cranked) systems to electric drive systems (provided with simple, automatic or automatic light, rain and wind sensors), retractable armrests can be the ideal solution for your home.

Technical data

The Applied ThermoStors can be installed at any time. They catch on the existing carpentry, and their maintenance can be done easily and quickly. These are two-way: TermoStories with semi-round box and box at 45 (degrees). Rolls are one of the most effective and healthy ways to shade a room. According to the studies, it has been demonstrated that the use of rollers in winter can reduce the consumption of thermal energy by approx. 10%, and during summer it can make an air conditioning system useless.

The main benefits are:

Shade: possibility of natural light
Constant temperature: prevents excessive heating of the home on hot summer days and prevents heat loss during winter
Restful sleep: provides the peace and darkness required during sleep
Intimacy: protects from indiscreet looks, especially when the windows are oriented to the street or to a neighboring home
Safety: additional protection against intrusion attempts
ThermoServer systems can be provided with roller insect nets inserted into the lamella carpet box.

From the actuation point of view, the ThermoStors can be controlled manually, through a ribbon, string or crank, or electrically, by means of a control button or a remote control.

Technical data

Tilt-and-slide doors enhance the lighting levels and spaciousness of any room. Whether it is installed in a small balcony or a vast patio, it only takes one turn of the handle to open the indoors towards the outdoors without any obstacles. As with all Salamander profile systems, lift-and-slide doors are also recognized for their stability and functional reliability. The balance between design and technical features ensures that the doors will look good and move nice and smoothly in the long run.

Technical data

  • automatic sash positioning;
  • completely burglar-proof;
  • perimetral ventilation, retracting the 6mm sash;
  • parallel retraction with low visibility from the outside;
  • minimum effort operation;
  • the operating principle does not allow for incorrect handling;
  • rollers fitted with cleaning brushes

Due to its attractive appearance, the folding shutters with fixed or movable blades are an alternative to the outside roller. These are the durable and easy-to-maintain alternative to conventional wooden shutters and ensure optimal fresh air circulation, even when closed. Folding shutters can be perfectly suited to the style of your window and door system in design and color.

Technical data

Thermal transfer coefficient

Thermal resistance of the shutter and the chamber ▲ R = 0.08 m²K / W EN ISO 10077-1: 2000
Closure options

Closure with fixed or oblique oriented blades
Sandwich closure
Glass with glass
Opportunities for opening

1, 2, 3 and 4 sheet batter
Sections / Profile Thickness


Toc – 47 mm.
Sheets – 40 mm.

Window 1.3 mm.
Uses 1.5 mm.

Maximum dimensions / maximum weight


Width (L) = 1.600 mm.
Height (H) = 2,500 mm
Window 1 swinging sheet

Maximum weight / sheet 65 Kg.

Categories performed on the bench

Wind load resistance (UNE 13659: 2004):

Reference sample 1.50 x 1.50 m. 2 sheets


Paint colors (RAL, colorful and textured)
Painting imitation wood
Antibacterial painting
Anodized (anodized)

This is the perfect choice for windows with straight and curved shapes, with options for incorporating ironware systems with concealed hinges and security systems; however, it is recommended for indoor use.

Technical data

  • Maximum glazing: 26 mm
    Maximum sound insulation Rw=39 dB
  • Thermal transfer coefficient Uw from 2,0 (W/m²K)
  • Opening options: swing, tilt-and-turn, fold, parallel-slide and tilting inward opening; swing, projecting-sliding, and horizontal or vertical hinged pivoting outward opening.
  • Profile sections / thickness
    Casement – 40 mm
    Leaf – 48 mm
    Window 1,3 mm
  • Maximum sizes / Maximum weight
    Width (W) =1.500 mm
    Height (H) = 2.400 mm

1 leaf, tilt-and-turn window
Maximum weight/leaf 120 Kg


  • Categories achieved for collected samples

Airtightness (EN 12207:2000): CLASS 4
Watertightness (EN 12208:2000): CLASS 9A
Wind resistance (EN 12210:2000): CLASS C5
Reference test 1,105 x 1,210 m., 2 Leaves

  • Painting colors (RAL, bespeckled and textured), Faux wood grain painting, Antibacterial painting, Anodized (eloxed)

The evolution of the COR Galicia Premium series, an aluminum-wood mixed system with thermal bridge breakage, 66.4 mm casement depth, entails the use of standard ironware with the possibility for triple adjustment and front fixing. With a similar esthetics and improved thermal and sound insulation performances compared to the previous version of this system, this window is more economic due to its streamlined manufacture and reducing the necessary time for its development by 15-20%. This format for exterior aluminum profiles assembled with 14,6 and 16 mm polyamide bars configures a “thermal bridge breakage” area, which significantly improves its thermal insulation, reaching minimum transmittance values in the casement as low as 1,1 (W/m²K). The exterior aluminum leaves and interior wooden modules are coupled using two methods: via independent fixing with clips (allows for the replacement of modules and the possibility to finish the wood otherwise than using regular colors) and via EPDM sealant gaskets. In both cases, the assembly ensures a perfect absorption of the expansion differences in these materials.

Technical data

  • Maximum glazing: fixed window 30 mm

Window leaf 40 mm

  • Maximum sound insulation Rw=40 dB
  • Thermal transfer coefficient Uw from 1,1 (W/m²K)
  • Opening options: swing, tilt-and-turn and tilting inward opening.
  • Profile sections / thickness
    Casement – 66,4 mm
    Leaf – 85,3 mm
    Window 1,5 mm

Door 1,6 mm

  • Polyamide tape for 14,8 mm casement and for 16mm leaf
  • Maximum sizes / Maximum weight
    Width (W) =1.400 mm
    Height (H) = 2.400 mm
  • Maximum weight/leaf 100 Kg
  • Categories achieved for collected samples

Airtightness (EN 12207:2000): CLASS 4
Watertightness (EN 12208:2000): CLASS E1050
Wind resistance (EN 12210:2000): CLASS C5
Reference test 1,230 x 1,480 m, 2 Window leaves

  • Painting colors (RAL, bespeckled and textured), Faux wood grain painting, Antibacterial painting, Anodized (eloxed)

EvolutionDrive Jetline renders your rooms larger and more brightly lit. The classic geometry of the narrow profile renders the sliding door system genuinely elegant. The threshold area, with its straight lines, is impressively easy to clean. The statically balanced structure of the door ensures the smooth movement of the sash and warrants its functional reliability.

Technical data

  • frame constructive depth: 132 mm
  • sash constructive depth: 60 mm
  • up to Ud = 1,3 W/(m²K)
  • glazing: up to 32 mm

The bluEvolution 92 profile system is an avant-garde class of profiles, designed to reduce the thermal transfer coefficient of the window in its entirety, as the lower this coefficient, the higher your level of comfort and the lower your heating costs. With its pragmatic design, optimized 6-chamber structure and a constructive depth of 92 mm, this future-oriented profile ensures a remarkable thermal protection and optimal energy efficiency. All of this combined with a visibly reduced width of just 118 mm which allows for larger glazed surfaces and the environmental sustainability of a 100% recyclable synthetic material, this system is truly one of Salamander’s technologies for the future.

Technical data

  • 6-chamber profile
  • median sealing gasket
  • constructive depth: 92 mm
  • up to Uw= 0,71 W/(m²K) (with steel thermal separation)
  • glazing: up to 60 mm
  • sound protection: up to 47 dB
  • burglary resistance: up to RC 2



  • scope of use: Swinging, tilting and tilt-and-turn windows, main and secondary entrance doors and parallel-sliding doors