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Integrated blinds in windows, are not only spectacular, but also long-lasting compared to conventional blinds, protected by the two layers of glass and they do not pollute, does not deteriorate and does not fade over time. The operation of these blinds is done with a button, cord or even electric, with a remote control.

They can also be tightened at the top of the glass for maximum brightness, or can be left down (horizontally or vertically) covering the entire glazed surface. They are also available in a wide range of colors, designs and sizes. This product does not influence in any way the properties of the glass, and more, it improves the thermal properties of the windows. Their use may vary in commercial areas such as hotels, residential areas, etc.

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Floats are extremely important in the functionality, strength and aesthetics of your windows. Protects both the inside and outside walls against the infiltrations between the carpentry and the wall, reduces energy losses, and can be used as storage facilities, for flower gardens, pots, etc. Divided in 2 categories, PVC window sills and AL exterior window sills, they are available in standard sizes between 150 mm and 250 mm, and in different colors, or in the interior with wood imitation foil, with adaptable lids for all types, sizes and colors in which they can be ordered.

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