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Lift and slide doors create a relaxed ambiance and render any room more spacious. Whether for a balcony, veranda or patio, you are just one turn of the handle away from creating a seamless indoor-outdoor transition – with no tripping hazards in the threshold area. Large steel armatures ensure maximum stability and enhanced levels of sustainability. The statically balanced structure ensures a particularly smooth movement of the sash and guarantees long-term functional reliability, as well as remarkable thermal and sound insulation.

Technical data

  • frame constructive depth: 172 mm
  • sash constructive depth: 76 mm
  • up to Ud= 0,77 W/(m²K) (with steel thermal separation)
  • size: 4,80 x 2,50 m
  • glazing: up to 48 mm
  • burglary resistance: up to RC 2

Tilt-and-slide doors enhance the lighting levels and spaciousness of any room. Whether it is installed in a small balcony or a vast patio, it only takes one turn of the handle to open the indoors towards the outdoors without any obstacles. As with all Salamander profile systems, lift-and-slide doors are also recognized for their stability and functional reliability. The balance between design and technical features ensures that the doors will look good and move nice and smoothly in the long run.

Technical data

  • automatic sash positioning;
  • completely burglar-proof;
  • perimetral ventilation, retracting the 6mm sash;
  • parallel retraction with low visibility from the outside;
  • minimum effort operation;
  • the operating principle does not allow for incorrect handling;
  • rollers fitted with cleaning brushes

EvolutionDrive Jetline renders your rooms larger and more brightly lit. The classic geometry of the narrow profile renders the sliding door system genuinely elegant. The threshold area, with its straight lines, is impressively easy to clean. The statically balanced structure of the door ensures the smooth movement of the sash and warrants its functional reliability.

Technical data

  • frame constructive depth: 132 mm
  • sash constructive depth: 60 mm
  • up to Ud = 1,3 W/(m²K)
  • glazing: up to 32 mm