ZUPFINESTRE awnings have many destinations: terraces, cafés, restaurants, residential spaces or hotels. The materials from which they are made are very resistant and of high quality, so the awnings can be mounted on any surface that can support their weight. Awnings can be divided into several categories, namely:

Awnings with

tilting arms

Designed to be used on windows without balconies, the light level in the room can be controlled by attaching them. They can be operated by manual (crank) and electric system (equipped with single or automatic actuation with light sensors).

Awnings with

retractable arms

Advantageous in that they do not impede traffic below them, these awnings are recommended to be used mainly in commercial areas. They can be used to shade the terraces, windows and shop windows of the street shops.

The average life of the awnings is 15 years. They can be operated manually (crank) and electrically (equipped with single actuation, or automatic with light sensors).