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PVC windows

Transforming from a simple architectural feature, with a regular shape and a merely functional purpose for ventilation and lighting, the modern ZupFinestre window is a representative element of any house, enhancing the overall aspect of the building and ensuring an improved level of safety, as well as thermal and sound insulation.

The Streamline systems by Salamander are the optimal solution for the comfort of your home, combining safety and sound protection with easy to clean, weather-resistant surfaces.

The avant-garde bluEvolution systems created by the Salamander team to improve window efficiency via a modern design centered on the total glazed surface, low thermal transmittance coefficient (U-value), low heating costs and environmental protection using a higher density profile and 100% recyclable materials.

Streamline 76

Streamline ALU

Salamander 3D

BluEvolution 82 Brugmann

BluEvolution 92