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Streamline 76

This is the perfect choice for all those wishing to give their home a special appearance. The broad selection of profile geometries can turn your house into a genuinely stylish home. The best part is that Salamander Streamline 76 ensures added comfort and significantly lower energy consumption. This is the most modern window technology, with 5 chambers, 76 mm constructive depth and 2 sealing levels, providing optimal thermal and sound protection, as well as the highest level of safety.

Technical data

  • 5-chamber profile
  • groove sealing
  • constructive depth: 76 mm
  • up to Uw= 0,77 W/(m²K) (with steel thermal separation)
  • sound protection: up to 47 dB
  • burglary resistance: up to RC
  • scope of use: Swinging, tilting and tilt-and-turn windows, main entrance, folding, secondary and parallel-sliding doors