When you are planning to chose the accessories for ZUPFINESTRE windows, this must be done in compliance with the principles of thermal insulation and fresh air ventilation of the rooms.

Our accessories are suitable for use in the case of passive houses, but significant attention is required in the design and execution of technical details.


Like the frame of a print, window sills define the aesthetic value of a window, and functionally protect the plaster of the walls. Available in window colors, the interior window sills are very easy to maintain, and they are resistant to moisture and scratches.

For the exterior of the carpentry, there are used aluminum window sills, very resistant to weather tempests, and they are designed to maintain its aesthetic appearance for a long time.

Ventilation Systems


However, ventilation is sometimes difficult to achieve, for reasons related to everyone’s schedule. For this reason, Salamander offers through climAktivPlus, a window accessory that ensures reliable and energy-efficient ventilation of your home. The ventilation system integrates almost invisibly in all Salamander synthetic windows and offers a fresh and constant flow of air even indoors.

Ventilation Systems

THM 90

Available for glass packages of 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 33 mm, due to its flat design THM 90 is ideal for application to windows and sliding doors. The profile located inside the house behaves like a real anti-insect net. The open / closed flap can be set in 5 steps (open / closed + 3 intermediates) and guarantees water tightness up to 20 Pa in the open position. Finishing: natural, white, brown and on request any RAL

Ventilation Systems

AR 75

Due to its unique patented mechanism, the AR 75 ventilation grille is available in 4 variants for the following air flows: 56 (small), 70 (medium), 81 (large) or 106 (X-Large) m³ / h / m Profile located towards the interior of the house it behaves like a real anti-insect net Finishing: natural, white, brown and on request any RAL The side covers are in black or white, but they are also available in other colors on request. The inner flap acts as an anti-insect net and is easy to remove for cleaning. Glass reduction: 75 mm * Height: 92 mm available for glass packs of: 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40 & 44 mm * *

Locking Systems


Our products are equipped with intelligent locking systems that ensure durability, safety and resistance to a high degree of wear. A very important role that they fulfill is that of ensuring the sealing closure of the carpentry, being built so as to allow precise, gradual and adjustment on each point. This ensures a long service life with optimal features.

Anti insect nets

Tip plisse

Plisse type insect nets are inspired by Japanese design and are suitable for large doors. They can be mounted on any type of carpentry, without disassembly in winter and they can reach lengths of up to 2600 mm, with vertical or horizontal operation, in a single channel or two channels. The assembly is done in short time, the design is modern, ideal for windows, normal or sliding doors inside the residential or office spaces.

Roll type

Roller nets are used for harder to access windows. They can be permanently fixed and they are equipped at the top with a cassette in which the net is tightened and on the side with 2 guides mounted directly on the carpentry, being effective against insects. The fiber from which these nets are made is resistant to UV rays. Made of aluminum profiles, the required sizes, types and colors, they fit to any type of carpentry.

Nets with hinges

Hinged nets are an extremely affordable solution. They are easy to install and use, but they need more space to open. Made of aluminum, they are easy to maintain, they can be disassembled and stored during winter. The role of these fine mesh nets is to prevent the entry of insects or large dust particles. The opening is easily made in the middle and the net can be easily detached to be cleaned.