The new generation of Façades has a system with a wide range of uprights and crossbars. They are the right solution for any architectural project. Complementary accessories are identical for any façade in the Cortizo range. The glass is supported on all sides by a profile that includes partition trimmings.

The glazing capacity is improved to increase energy efficiency and to provide high-level of thermal and acoustic protection. Façade systems include profiles and joints that facilitate the installation of both types of Cortizo façade: TP 52 façade and SG 52 façade, regardless of its type (vertical, inclined, polygonal, 90 ° in corner).

TP 52 façade

For the new generation of façades, the basic system is added to the wide range of uprights and crossbars that offer solutions for any aesthetic or constructive desire of architectural projects. The basic profiles have sizes from 16 mm, up to 250 mm for uprights, and for the crossbars, the size varies between 22.5 mm and 255.5 mm.

The range of profiles and mechanical joints facilitates the execution of several types of façade: positioned vertically, inclined, polygonal or perpendicular). The glass can be fixed to the support profile by means of a continuous pressing profile attached to the outside on a support incorporated in the crossbar or in the upright.

Façade SG 52

The SG 52 façade is a classic system, also known as the Stick system. The way the glass is fixed on the support profile which is made with the help of clamps and an insert which is mounted in the air chamber of the glass.

This façade is a traditional system, the basic profiles having sizes for uprights and crossbars from 16 mm, up to 250 mm, respectively from 22.5 mm, up to 255.5 mm. The elegant appearance is given by the glass thickness that highlights the exterior. The glazing capacity of up to 44 mm is given by the thickness of the windows, improving the level of thermal insulation and the related costs.