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ZUPFINESTRE is one of the most appreciated Romanian brands in the field of joinery, which has expanded to the European level. During 11 years of experience, we have managed to deliver products of quality, both for residential and commercial spaces. Our reputation is based on the care we have for our customers, offering sales, design, production and assembly services. We differentiate ourselves by building sustainable products that meet the highest standards, by developing innovative solutions and by creating long-term relationships with our suppliers and partners.

At ZUPFINESTRE Company, we provide complete PVC and aluminum joinery services with top products from Salamander and Cortizo range. We understand the needs of our clients, that is why our work is supported by the spirit of innovation and adaptation to international standards. The trust we have gained along the way is due to our commitment to be completely dedicated to our customers and to meet all requirements.



is your trusted provider

We collaborate with well-known brands

We offer you the safety of our works

We are with you throughout the professional counseling process

We use materials of high quality

We respond to your requests promptly and in real time

We keep up with the trends and constantly invest in machinery.


Quality is our priority, that's why we take every project seriously.


We embrace any challenge with the same enthusiasm and we adapt to your requirements and needs.


We know how important house is for each of you, that is why we take responsibility for long-term comfort.


We like to keep ourselves updated with the trends, so our team is constantly learning.